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We provide a safe, caring environment for your dog to run and play in all day long!
At Tender Loving Pets, each staff member treats your dog like he or she is their own. We play catch, and love each and every dog that comes in our building.
Our overnight boarding is full of fun all day and night! Bring your dog in the morning to take advantage of our daycare, then at night, your dog will enjoy lots of open space to either play with other dogs, or just sleep. 

What makes Tender Loving Pets different from other doggy daycares? 

We don't charge extra for playtimesnuggles or medication. Once you come to TL Pets Indianapolis, you become part of the family. We won't ask who you are, or who your dog is. We will already know! We know every dog that walks in by name! 

That's what makes Tender Loving Pets a doggy daycare in Indianapolis, different.

Conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis, our 8000-square-foot facility provides plenty of space for running, wrestling, and barking with friends. Its like 8 hours of play at the bark park. Drop your energetic dog off at our Indianapolis dog boarding and daycare facility in the morning, and pick him or her up on your way home from work, tired and happy.

Contact us to reserve a getting to know you session at the premier Indianapolis dog daycare. Your dog will thank you.

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